my cydia tweaks

*Note: Some are retrieved from aka lou’s blog*


Needed to change your layout and use themes or icons.


Needed to move themes to the correct places in order to set them.

BytaFont 2 (IOS7) 

Used to change the fonts throughout the whole of your device!


Although a few users (including myself) are experiencing a Safe Mode issue with this tweak, it’s still an amazing one that is used to display widgets of all kinds right there on your home screen.

Springtomize 3 (IOS7) –

This was one amazing tweak back then, and now is no different! There are so many options to play around with, I couldn’t list them all. You can re-size your icons, add custom columns to your home screen, allow loads more icons in to your dock, remove annoying elements from your status bar.

Animer7 (Credits:

I love this little tweak. It allows you to change the animations of how notification banners come on to your screen i.e sliding in from the side.

Badge Customizer

Change the colour, size and position of your notification badges.


Although Springtomize 3 does most of what Bigify does, I still like to use this tweak to make my icons semi-transparent sometimes.


The tweak I use to add a date next to the time on my status bar.


Change the names of the icon labels to anything you want, add any symbols you want!

Messages Customiser (Credits:

One of my top favorite tweaks with this jailbreak. It allows you to add contact pictures, change SMS bubble colors to anything you want and also add an SMS Background straight from your photo gallery.


SubtleLock reduces the size of the clock, stuffs the date into the corner, and shrinks down the “slide to unlock” area. The benefit here is that it offers a heck of a lot more room for notifications when they come in.


Add a cute little image to the status bar, and it replaces your carrier name!


Love to have quick reply for your messages? This is definitely a great tweak to use!

Gridlock 2

Used to place icons wherever you want on your homescreen!


Clean unneeded files, freeing up a tonne of space on your device without deleting the important things in your device!

No Calendar Date (Credits:

Get rid of the date on the calendar icon when you want to use the custom icons from the other themers!


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