My Melody Instagram [IOS7] [Freebie]

 Hi there! Here’s a theme for “Instagram” for my followers, thank you for not unfollowing me on instagram because i didn’t themed for some time.. so here’s a freebie for all my followers heh



Please take the time to read the instructions given below as the download process is not the same like you were in IOS6 and i will ONLY answer questions that i may have did not list down here, but for teaching how to install and set this theme all instructions will be written down below!

1. Install iFile in your phone from Cydia if you haven’t, on your device.

(But i assume you have already installed because this may not be your first time theming your device like me!)

2. Download the file from above after getting the password from me

*Contact me via LINE* because i have deleted my kik sometime ago, ID: viviannseungg*

3. After downloading, cut & paste the folder under:


Note that after you do these steps, only the stock images inside the instagram be replaced, if anyday you want to restore and get back your original instagram, just DELETE and REINSTALL your Instagram app will do in the app store!



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